Using YubiKey for Two Factor Authentication

by OneLock Security Team

Posted on July 16, 2018

If you have been using OneLock you may have noticed there is two factor authentication option under security settings. This authentication works by using authenticator App like Google/Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile phone to present you with 6 digit code you use to login into your OneLock account. Now we have added YubiKey two factor authentication option that can be used with YubiKey or any security key that supports FIDO U2F protocol. However note that we have only tested with YubiKey and not other security keys. Our YubiKey two factor supports up to 3 security keys. You can have one primary and the others as backup.

YubiKeys are usb like flash drives that are durable, water-resistant and enable easy and secure second-factor authentication in seconds. Simply touching a YubiKey causes it to validate and authenticate access to your OneLock account. You can watch our video here.

You can also read the easy 5 steps how to register YubiKey with OneLock here.