Privacy Policy

OneLock is committed to keeping any information shared with us safe and secure. We will not give out any of your personal information to anyone. Any information shared with our company OneLock is safe and will not be given to any 3rd party companies.

Your personal identification information will only be shared with OneLock employers to enable particular services that we offer or for security reasons to confirm your identity when inquiring about account details, changes and updates with our support team. Your information will also be disclosed to OneLock’s affiliates and partners to be processed and enable certain features that are available through OneLock. All of our affiliates have agreed not to disclose any personal identifying information, thus keeping your personal details safe and secure. OneLock will never sell or rent out any personal information for any reason at all and again will only be disclosed if required by our employees, affiliates or by law.

Any encrypted information such as usernames, passwords, notes, credit cards numbers, app names, bank accounts and any other personal information that users enter into the fields of OneLock cannot be viewed by OneLock employees or anyone else due to the fact that all data is encrypted with the users key locally on the user’s system before being securely transferred to our cloud data centers.

We believe that protecting and securing the users personal information builds the base for any great business to consumer relation, which is why our company integrated a high confidentiality system to assure our users are safe and give them peace of mind. Confidentiality is important to us, so you will never receive spam from advertisers or competitors due to our actions. We want you to feel completely confident that when using our services your information is safe and you are the only one that can access the data. Sending files to others uses end-to-end encryption that only you and the recipient can access.

OneLock monitors and collects two types of information (Personal and Non personal).

Personal: To gain access and enable certain personalized services that we offer you may be required to disclose personal information with us such as name, email, billing information, etc. Other personal information that OneLock will collect is the IP address of our visitors and users to report and or publish trends on our website.

Non personal: OneLock will also collect non personal information which will be used to monitor site activity, to help better understand our user to site interactions and develop our services. The information that we collect is typically readily available such as browser type, language, location, date & time and referrer if applicable.

*Again your information is completely secure and will be kept confidential.

When you visit, cookies will be collected via your browser. A cookie is a log of information, personal to your computer, which allows us to identify and track our visitors. Information collected from stored session cookies will not be disclosed and is treated the same as personal information, which falls under our 100% confidentiality policy. While cookies are not required to browse you will need to have them enabled to login and use any OneLock services. This information helps us validate your identity and subscription to our service.

Although most changes are likely to be minor, OneLock is subject to update its policy at any time. Any new policies will be made available to view in the “Privacy Policy” section of All users will be notified via email (the email associated with your account) of any changes to our privacy policy prior to the date they become effective.

Date Last Updated: December 1st, 2016