One Secure Place For All Your Passwords and Identity Management

OneLock allows you to secure your passwords and personal information and access from anywhere and from any device. Simplify your life by only remembering one master password instead of many passwords. Save your personal information to have it with you all times when needed. All data is encrypted locally on your device before is sent to our cloud servers. Supports multiple level and 2 factor authentication for extra layer of security. OneLock is your source for accessing your passwords and personal information from any device and is locked and secured that only you can access. Use it for home, business or wherever there is need to simply your life while keeping your passwords and personal information secure!

Why make things complicated? Keep life simple by storing all your passwords in one place and be able to access all of your accounts with just the click/touch of a button.

No more memorizing! No more staying logged in because you think you may forget your password, thus giving someone else the opportunity to access your accounts if they get a hold of your device!

No more having to waste time attempting to recover your password through email and answering a number of security questions!

Here are some of the risks for not securing your passwords and data

  • 1

    Forgotten passwords could be costing your business thousands, if not millions of dollars per year

  • 2

    The average password of about 6 characters takes less than 6 minutes to be cracked

  • 3

    Millions of account logins are compromised everyday

  • 4

    Writing down passwords can get lost and compromise your online accounts

  • 5

    On average it takes almost a year and a half to even trace that an account has been compromised

  • 6

    Identity theft and fraud has increased because of improper handling of personal information

OneLock is a secure interface that offers a solution to protect your identity and secure your information. Every day you go without having your identity credentials protected you are at risk to becoming a victim of online crime.

Protecting and managing your password and personal information has never been as easy as OneLock!

Try our services today for free!

Encrypts your passwords and personal data on your local device. We give you the power but it comes with great responsibility. If you forget your master or pattern password we can’t recover. Forgotten master or pattern passwords have to be rest and you have to start over.

  • Uses AES 256 Bit Advanced Encryption.
  • Uses SHA 256/512 and latest SHA3 secure hashing algorithms.
  • Using 2048 Bit Thawte Extended SSL Encryption for data transfer.
  • Supports Pattern Password for additional layer of security.
  • Supports 2 factor authentication for extra security.
  • Access from anywhere and from any device.
  • Device Access Controls. Safe guard your account even more.
  • Multi user account administration with Team Account.
  • Create different groups and entries.
  • One Touch/Click login view for Web Apps.
  • Free to use and premium account is less than a $1 a month.